Conrado Vina
August 24, 2020

We are Publishing a Book and You Can Get it for Free!

I’ve been working in the consulting industry for over 15 years. Most notably, I co-founded and still serve on the board of a very successful consulting business that’s still growing steadily and delighting clients, partners and staff. Twelve years ago, I started a project to build the project management platform of my dreams, through which we serve many consulting firms, many of them in the environmental world. Three years ago, we decided to spin off EVX Software to focus solely on servicing the environmental consulting industry.

Why We Built EVX Software

This was the thought (and research) process that lead me and the team here:

  1. We built a rock solid system that our clients loved, and
  2. We have an incredible service team and spirit, but
  3. The world had too many ‘generic’ Project Management systems, so
  4. We searched for an industry that had the most need for specificity, and
  5. We were lucky to find one that we are very passionate about.

Not only did we find an industry in which there was enormous room for improvement in the way businesses leverage software for efficiency and for better profit margins — we found an appetite for an all-in-one platform that integrated Project Management and Business Operations. Our speciality!

After the realization of these facts, the decision became a no-brainer: we are going all in!

The next step was gaining the expertise and a deeper understanding of the industry to align our vision with the vision of our industry leaders, so that we could turn our system into the platform of their dreams. And that’s what we’ve done for the past 3 years (and will continue to do for the years to come). By the way, if you haven’t seen it yet, you should sign up for a demo.

Now That We Do Have a Great Software Platform...

Now that we feel that we have the best system for the industry and a growing base of passionate clients that support our work, we are entering the next stage of our growth: providing value to the entire industry, not only through modern and easy to use software, but leveraging the knowledge harvested through our work with our clients. This work armed us with a unique and in-depth understanding of the environmental consulting industry.

It is our goal to share the knowledge we glean from that distinctive point of view by producing and publishing resources and advice on how to more efficiently and profitably run environmental consulting businesses.

That is why we conducted our second industry research study this year, which we plan on making an annual tradition. (Missed the industry report? Get it here.) 

Which Brings Us To: THE BOOK!

We are now in the final round of edits for our first book, The Definitive Guide: How to Maximize the Profits of Your Environmental Consulting Firm!

This book is the result of the collaborative effort of our entire team as well as clients and colleagues, all sharing their knowledge on the business management processes used by the most successful environmental consulting firms to increase their bottom line. The initial feedback we received from clients was immensely positive. We are very excited to share this book with you!

As a token of our excitement and gratitude to our blog readers, we are offering the first 100 people to sign up a free electronic copy of the book before it is released publicly. Sign up below to be the first to receive a completely free copy of the book that will guide you on the path to more profitability for your firm.

I hope you find it immensely helpful, and can’t wait to share it with you!

Click here for your free copy!
Conrado Viña
CEO, EVX Software
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