Struggling to keep up with it all?

Is managing multiple systems stressful?

When you’re juggling multiple projects the last thing you want to do is cause yourself more work. Jumping in and out of spreadsheets, timekeeping and billing systems are a waste of your valuable time.

Struggling to meet client expectations?

The type and important nature of the work scientific consultants do, one misstep could be a costly mistake for you and your client. Poor project quality can leave your firm with a negative reputation.

Losing money on overrun projects?

Without accurate project history and solid project management underbidding proposals is likely to happen. And hits your bottom line hard.

Stay on track and make managing your business easy

Increase your productivity with one system

EVX an easy-to-use, fully integrated platform that manages the entire project lifecycle from proposal to close. No more jumping from one system to another, save time and increase utilization with EVX’s all-in-one project management, time & Expense tracking and billing platform.

Deliver exceptional service to you clients

EVX’s project management and task tracking tools help you stay on track so you can deliver projects faster and improve the overall quality of your offerings.

Ensure you’re always delivering high quality projects and exceptional service to your clients with EVX.

Make your project more profitable

Increase confidence in your project bids with accurate project histories. EVX give you the ability to accurately track projects so you truly understand what it takes to complete a project. Historical project tracking gives you the information you need to make accurate project bids.

All in One Business Management Solution
for Scientific and Technical Firms

EVX solves the complexities of running a successful scientific consulting firm. No more juggling disparate systems that are not connected and cause more work and frustrations.

EVX makes it simple to manage projects, track time and expenses and bill clients all from one system that was built specific to the way scientific consulting firms work.

Work better with EVX Software.

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