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Our services are designed to get you up and running quickly - and keep you running.

Get Started on the Path to Success

We leverage our extensive experience working with consulting firms, a library of best practices and our passionate customer success team to ensure the transition goes smoothly for you and your company.

Our staged approach to implementation to ensures that we plan and execute at a pace that makes the most sense for you.

Our stages include:

We understand how challenging change can be for you and your team - and how important it is - so we take the time to make sure it's done right and you get off on the right foot.

To learn more about how we can make the transition to our software easy or our implementation pricing, please contact us.


The starting point for all our implementations is a clear understanding of your business goals. We meet with your team to outline your success criteria. This serve as our guide to ensure each step we take is in support of your goals and measures of success.


We sit down with you and your team members to gain a deep understanding of your operations, organization and culture.


We take our learnings and develop a plan for the configuration and setup of your system and migration of any data.


We create all users, set up and configure the system based on the plan and implement any software integrations (e.g. Quickbooks).


We take existing user, project and financial data and migrate it to your EVX installation.
I appreciate how helpful the responsive, friendly, prompt customer service has been for us. The level of personal communication and help we’ve received has exceeded expectations, and that’s not so easy to find these days.

Krista McDermid

Vice President
Zara Environmental LLC

Implementation is easier than you think

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