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The Definitive Guide to Maximizing the Profits of Your Environmental Consulting Firm

We took our years of experience working with countless consulting firms to generate this clear guide to help you improve the way you manage your firm.

What you'll learn:

Making Winning Estimates and Proposals

The first and most important step is to generate an accurate estimate and a compelling proposal. Easier said than done? Learn how you can take major steps in improving your project's profitability before it even begins.

Setting Clear Project Goals and Expectations for Your Team and Your Clients

Long held advice says to under-promise and over-deliver. But long term client relationship aren't built on misdirection - how do you set the right expectation and hit the target every time?

Paying Attention To Your Project Resources

The biggest challenge for project managers? Managing (and influencing) resources that are outside of their control. Learn how to improve their ability to affect resources for the betterment of the project.

Tracking Time And Expenses

No one enjoys tracking their time, but no other factor impacts the overall profitability of a project. Time really is money in the world of environmental consulting. Learn how to improve your time tracking accuracy for the good of every project.

Facilitating Internal And External Communication And Collaboration

More about communication? You bet because it is important. Really important. Working together more effectively can result in big improvements to your bottom line.

Turning Information Into Knowledge

We live in a data driven society, but often getting to the insights that help us make critical business decisions is elusive. Learn how to do more with the data you have.

Automating For Productivity And Profitability

The three most important resources for a consulting firm: people, processes and tools. There is more profitability for you to find beyond your spreadsheets. Using the right tools can mean big gains in productivity and profitability across the organization.

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