The only system you need to run your firm

A fully-integrated, easy-to-use platform that has all the key features you need to run your firm.

Do you wish you understood your business better?

Having a clear picture of your business in order to make informed decisions is critical to your success.

Understand your business better and make more informed decisions, at the right time, with EVX Software.

Through easy to use dashboards and a powerful reporting and analytics engine you’ll get real-time insights and be better equipped to manage your business.

Hundreds of features that make it easy to run your firm

Project Tracking
Track projects from start to finish through whatever phases, milestones, types and more. Get a clearer picture of which projects need your attention and focus.
Custom Reports
Our powerful reporting engine is completely customizable, enabling you to create almost any report imaginable. You can create an unlimited number of custom reports to measure almost any aspect of your business the way you want to.
Highly configurable dashboards that display the most critical information and metrics on your projects, your team and your business. Quickly and easily filter by any key element to understand what is happening in real-time.

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