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Our focus is on solving your technical services firm’s most critical business challenges so you can focus on the science and engineering that your clients value.  Each of our key features is designed to solve the most pressing challenges you face in making your firm extraordinary profitable.  

Business Insights

Project Dashboard

Getting a clear picture of your business in order to make informed decisions is critical to your success.  EVX Software helps you paint a clear picture of what is happening in your business real-time.  With easy to use dashboards and a powerful reporting and analytics engine, you’ll have better insights into facets of your business you’ve never had before.  It includes: 

  • Dashboards
  • Reporting & Analytics
  • Forecasting
  • Budgeting

Key Features

With more than 10 years in development and experience working with thousands of businesses, our powerful platform addresses the most critical elements of the project lifecycle – and more.  Explore the key components of our capabilities: 

Think no software can be as flexible and easy to use as a spreadsheet?  Think again!  Our system is designed to take the art of estimating projects and turns it into a science that sets the foundation for profitable projects. Learn more

Make life easier for your project managers with a powerful and highly customizable project and task management platform designed for you.  Easy-to-use templates make it simple to create projects and assign resources.  Visualize project progress and task dependencies with the integrated Gantt chart.  Learn more

Improve your team’s utilization by leveraging easy-to-use technology to make scheduling and managing resources a breeze.  Learn more

Make it easier for your team to track their time and expenses with a simple and intuitive time and expense tracking. Get more information faster to keep your project budgets more accurate in real-time. Understand these costs at the project, phase, task level or by any aspect that’s important to managing your business. Learn more

A highly flexible system that provides the ability to pull in the right level of detail, is easy to edit and highly customizable.  Firms can create templates for each client to manage the format of each clients invoice.  Learn more

A deeply integrated document management solution that doesn’t rely on folders, but is organized around how you operate to manage information.  Includes easy to use version management that doesn’t require dealing with naming conventions. Learn more

A mobile solution that brings together calendar, plans, time and expense entry, project tracking features and data collection all in one place. Learn more

A system that allows firms to establish, track and manage their sales process in the context of the other work they do.  A centralized contact management system that connects external stakeholders with the prospects, clients and projects they are associated with.  Learn more

Finally, a system that easily and openly integrates with other software solutions.  Plus, the system is modular so clients can take advantage of other systems they are heavily invested in.  Learn more

Coming Soon. Learn more

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The Problem: Generating proposals consumes a large number of unbilllable hours of resources and consultants. While critical to winning new business, the current approach often results in wasted hours and potentially inaccurate estimates. Most consultants and project managers use their own spreadsheets, which have no automated way to pull in project history and rely on the specific experience of the consultant building the spreadsheet. Once a project begins, all the information in the spreadsheet must be manually entered into the system in order to track the project time and expenses.

Creating a new proposal

Our Solution: A next generation proposal tool that is as easy to use as a spreadsheet, is informed by previous work, and automatically sends the information from the estimate to the project management and accounting system.

Key Benefit: Reduced un-billable hours, reduced risk of underbid proposals, improved overall project performance

Project & Task Management

The Problem: Project management tools are highly under-utilized in this industry, despite their proven value to increasing project performance and company profitability.  When used, they are often not fully utilized and not deeply tied to other systems. Most of the scientists and engineers [on staff] have little formal project management training and often underestimate the value of these tools. 

Our Solution:  A deeply integrated project management platform that is easy to use and highly flexible to the unique workflows of your industry. The system makes it easy to set up and modify projects. It also easily connects other related information including documents, time + expenses and collaboration. 

Key Benefit: Improved project management tools and methodologies result in higher utilization, project performance and project profitability

Task Module
Resource Management

The Problem: Scheduling and managing people (and equipment) can be a difficult task.  Trying to maximize your team’s utilization is difficult to do with with all expertise requirements, time off and more. And things ALWAYS change.  Spreadsheets, shared calendars, white boards and email are the mainstay of keeping your operation running smoothly. 

Resource Calendar

Our Solution: An easy-to-use and flexible scheduling and resource management system that flexes to your needs.  

Key Benefit: Improved utilization, easier scheduling.

Time & Expense Tracking

The Problem: Tracking time and expenses is an administrative burden that no one enjoys doing.  This lack of enthusiasm results in inaccuracies, more administrative headaches trying to track down missing information and in many cases billing mistakes.

Our Solution: A system that allows the user to easily enter time and expenses the way that works best for them. 

Key Benefit: Reduced administrative burden, more accurate time and expenses and generally happier employees.

Time entry directly into a task

The Problem: Clients often demand custom invoices from technical consulting firms.  Most systems do not easily allow for customization (and require the use of other tools (e.g. excel) to generate the invoices.  This results in administrative overhead, a frustrated accounting team and potentially an increase in days sales outstanding (DSO).  

Editing an invoice

Our Solution: A system that provides the ability to pull in the level of detail, is easy to edit and highly customizable.  Firms can create templates for each client to manage the format of each clients invoice.

Key Benefit: Reduced administrative burden, happy office managers/accounting and reduced time to collect receivables. 

Document Management

The Problem: The basic approach to document management hasn’t changed in 40 years (aside from adding accessibility via the cloud & mobile).  Folders are the cornerstone for organizing documents and version control is managed through ‘system’ naming conventions (e.g. document_v1.pdf, document_v2.pdf). But folders are mutually exclusive and naming conventions are easily (and often accidentally) not adhered to. Users often rely on search to find their information. Most project management solutions perpetuate these issues rather than try and solve them.  As a result, information is difficult to find and difficult to manage.

Our Solution: A system that allows your team to manage and share documents in line with how your business operates and simplifies revision control.

Key Benefit: Eliminate wasted time looking for the information you need and eliminate difficult to manage server storage. 

Document preview
Mobile & Field

The Problem: Consultants spend a considerable amount of time in the field. As a result, much of the administrative work they do requires them to enter information in a timely manner (data collection, time and expenses) in order for it to be accurate.

Mobile app

Our Solution: A mobile solution that brings together the calendar, tasks, time and expense entry, project tracking features and data collection in one place. 

Key Benefit: Increase productivity and improved accuracy and timeliness of data entry.  Reduced administrative burden and happier consultant. 

Contact Management & Sales

The Problem: Most technical consulting firms find new business through referrals and word of mouth. Few have formal sales tracking tools or processes in place for managing these referrals, lengthening the sales cycle and potentially risking losing business. Contacts are rarely managed across the organization, so it is often difficult to know who to contact at a client for a specific project, for example.  And when contact information changes others in the organization might not get updated.

Our Solution: A system that allows firms to establish, track and manage their sales process in the context of the other work they do.  A centralized contact management system that connects external stakeholders with the prospects, clients and projects they are associated with.

Key Benefit: Improved productivity and increased sales. 

Contact Manager

The Problem: Most firms use a variety of tools to manage their business and don’t want to be locked in to one specific piece of software.  They also wants those systems to ‘talk’ to one another, to avoid double entry of information and increased administrative burden.  The major systems used in firms today do not easily integrate (if at all). 

Some of our key integrations

Our Solution: A system that easily integrates with other software most often used by technical consulting firms.

Key Benefit: Clients are afforded the flexibility to choose the system that best meets their needs without increasing their administrative burden. 


The Problem: Most accounting teams of growing consulting firms are forced to perform A LOT of manual reporting.  Even integrated accounting systems do not deliver the flexibility or ease of use modern accounting teams demand.  Plus, you rely on the consultants and program managers to get the data needed into the system, which can often be difficult with these older, hard to use systems. 

Our Solution: A truly flexible reporting system that makes it easy to get the reports the leadership team needs to manage the business.  Plus, you get more real time information because it is much easier for your team to use.    

Key Benefit: Makes your accounting team’s job easier and gives them time back. 

Project Labor Budget


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