EVX Product Team
January 28, 2020

Product Update: Better Dashboards Mean Better Project Management

Getting real-time information on a project or the business can be the difference between success or failure. Our vision for EVX Software is two-fold: make it as easy as possible for consultants to get information into the system (time, expenses, communications, etc.) AND make it easy for project managers and leaders to get insights and information out of the system. 

The new, fully revamped dashboard focuses on the latter, with the intent of making it even easier and faster to find important information and analytics from the dashboard tab. 

What is it?

EVX Software’s unique and powerful dashboards show important information in an easy to use, summarized format. Each bite of information is contained in a ‘widget’ and each user can customize the layout and choice of widgets for their dashboard (as long as they have permissions to that information).

What makes our dashboards unique is that they are contextual - select a project and you get a project dashboard, select a project manager and you get a project manager dashboard, and so on. All without any configuration. You can also combine selections, such as project manager and project type, and you get a dashboard custom to those selections.

The dashboards have always been a great way to quickly visualize information and place different lenses on the business - all without spending time exporting and manipulating data. 

What is new?

We’ve updated the look and feel of the dashboard to make them easier to interpret and understand. This clean, modern look is going to be incorporated in other aspects of the platform in coming releases. With less clutter, you can get to the information you need quickly. 

We’ve also added new visualizations, to help you interpret financial and other project performance information quickly and easily. We’ve centered these visualizations on the most frequently requested charts from our clients.

This new look is also more interactive, so you can get information directly from the charts and graphs.

What’s next? 

We’re working to take the interactivity to the next level -  by allowing you to adjust and modify visualizations and change configuration options from directly within the widget. Then you’ll be able to quickly visualize your projects and business any way you want in just a few clicks. 

Want to learn more? Drop us a note at sales@evxsoftware.com.

Did you know? 

By selecting ‘view as list’ when viewing a dashboard, you will get an ordered list of all objects/activities for whichever filter you’ve applied. This can be convenient when you want to see a running list of recent activity.

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