Project Management
October 6, 2023

Manage Clients and Projects Seamlessly with EVX Software

Managing environmental consulting and engineering businesses involves working with multiple client organizations with different needs, requirements, structures, and processes. Having an organized CRM system to track clients – from the very early stages and into the post-project phase – is crucial for providing a good service and growing a sustainable business.

Our Solution 

With our integrated platform, managing clients and projects has never been so easy 

The Benefits of using our EVX Software as a CRM

Did you know that you can provide an end-to-end management that addresses all these issues and more?

Overview of Key Features

Centralized Management, Maximized Impact

Start simple

Contact details

Expand as your opportunity evolves

Organize your clients with dedicated profiles to ensure every project starts off set up for success. EVX Software brings an all-in-one solution, that empowers your team to provide exceptional service while running at maximum efficiency.

Get access to a Demo and learn How to get your client management process smoothed out!

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