EVX Product Team
April 26, 2024

Integration Between EVX Software and Quickbooks Online

Maximizing Project Management Efficiency


When it comes to accounting software, QuickBooks stands out as a cornerstone for countless US-based companies. However, while it's a powerful tool for managing finances, it poses unique challenges for industries heavily reliant on billable hours, such as environmental consulting and engineering firms. The process of converting budgets into tasks, tasks into completed jobs, and ultimately translating billable hours into profit can become a significant bottleneck.


For those still managing budgets on spreadsheets, the transition from planning to billing can be arduous, often involving time-consuming exports and meticulous import reviews, especially when dealing with numerous tasks. This inefficiency consumes valuable time that could be better spent on core business activities.


With EVX Software, unlike traditional accounting solutions, we specialize in project management, prioritizing seamless workflows and time optimization to empower environmental consulting and engineering professionals. Our mission is simple: to streamline your processes, allowing you to concentrate on what truly matters—your projects.


By integrating with QuickBooks Online (QBO) via API, EVX Software bridges the gap between project planning and billing. With this connection, you can effortlessly map expenses, incomes, and budgets, eliminating the need for manual data transfer and ensuring accuracy throughout the billing process.


Here are some key considerations for achieving a smooth integration between EVX Software and QuickBooks Online:



In essence, EVX Software elevates your project management experience beyond QuickBooks. What you plan during the project's initial stages translates seamlessly into billing, encompassing rates, expenses, and other agreed-upon variables with your clients. This integration liberates you to focus on fieldwork and billable hours, while EVX Software and QuickBooks handle the intricacies behind the scenes.


If you're eager to explore how EVX Software can revolutionize your environmental consulting and engineering projects, schedule a demo call with us here, and discover firsthand the power of specialized software tailored to your industry.

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