Project Management
September 29, 2023

Get the Big Picture with EVX Software

Having a clear, up-to-date view of your projects is critical for effective project management. That's why EVX Software offers a powerful view that gives you a high-level snapshot of the status of all your projects and tasks in one place. In this blog post, we'll take a look at how our solution can help you stay organized and keep your projects on track.

Projects -at- a-glance

Quickly scan through all projects and stay informed.

The snippet view is a customizable feature, so PMs can choose to display the information that is most important to them.

Upcoming Events, Milestones & Tasks status

Keep organized with a centralized view of all projects.

  • Stay organized and on track
  • Communicate with teams and stakeholders
  • Improve decision-making

Forecasted Revenue, Expenses Progress, Earn Value on labor

Get access to key insights from the financial performance of each project.

  • Forecasted revenue: Review the expected revenue from each project, set financial goals and make data driven informed decisions.
  • Expenses progress: Monitor actual expenses incurred on each project,identify any cost overruns and take corrective action early on.
  • Earned value on labor: Track the progress of each project and anticipate potential delays by tracking the cost of work completed on each project.

Features like work progress

Features like work progress, late and upcoming tasks, and latest comments are very useful to get a high-level overview of the project's progress, tasks, and communication.

 Key Benefits:

With its robust overview of pertinent project information, EVX Software takes the headache out of staying on top of your projects. 

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