Introducing EVX Software

I’ve been building software my entire professional career (18 years as of this writing). I have always loved the power that software holds to improve the way we work and to improve our lives. I’ve focused mainly on the former, helping businesses leverage software to achieve their business goals, with the understanding that work and businesses play a fundamental part in our life and our world. This journey has led me here, to this very blog post.

After years of development, market research, and hard work, I’m excited to announce the launch of EVX Software, the first business management platform designed specifically for scientists and engineers. It’s the evolution of a platform that I’ve personally been building for more than 10 years and the culmination of my dream of helping thousands of businesses have a positive impact on the world.

Our company’s mission is simple: to make technical consulting firms more profitable. Scratch that: to make them exceptionally profitable. In years of working with professional services firms of all types, I noticed that scientists and engineers tend to have a different approach to their businesses. As a computer scientist myself, I really understand this – science and engineering typically comes first and business comes second. You don’t start the firm because you love running a business – you start it because you love the science and want to build something for yourself.

But rather than focus on the broad market of technical consulting, we are only focusing on one area: environmental consulting. I began working with environmental consulting in 2012, with a geotechnical firm to implement the early version of EVX. Our goal was to help them organize their projects, standardize their workflows and ultimately improve their profitability. Over the years of working together (they are still a client) we’ve continued to enhance the product and increase their return on investment. Ultimately, they served as the inspiration to pivot the business and focus the company exclusively on environmental consulting.

Over the past year we’ve been working with a dozen firms to help us build the product that meets their needs and hone our vision of what the product needs to be. Now, with the help of these early adopter firms we’re ready to bring the solution to the broader market.

If you’re an environmental consulting firm, you’ll find we’re VERY different than the solutions that are out there. In addition to being the only software company that is focused on environmental consultants:

  • We are a modern technology platform designed around ease of use. So many of the firms we spoke with complained of the poor usability and lack of intuitive nature of the the platforms in the market.  So I focused on using modern, open technologies and an intuitive user experience.
  • We are truly comprehensive. When I set out to build an all-in-one platform I wanted to build something that covered almost every aspect of the professional services firm.
  • We are purely focused on the environmental consulting market. Most other providers focus on the architecture, engineering and construction market (a much larger market) and environmental firms wind up spending a ton of money to try and customize those solutions for their workflows – and generally don’t succeed.

We’re excited to be doing something for an industry that has been largely overlooked by many companies.

So What’s next?
I will be using this blog to share more about the problems we’re solving and the things we’re learning along the way. I’m also planning to share with you my experience in running a consulting firm of my own, consulting with hundreds of technical consulting firms; in the hopes it might help you in your business. In the near term, we are in the midst of planning our first big product release and I’m excited to share more about it in the coming weeks.

I’m proud of what our team has accomplished so far and am thankful for all the contributions our environmental consulting clients have made so far. We’re at the beginning of an amazing journey and I hope you’ll join us on it.

– Conrado

To learn more about EVX Software or for your own demo, feel free to contact us.

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