Organize Your Project Content

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Wish you could make managing your documents simple?

Find the information you need fast. EVX gives your team the ability to store, organize, manage and share documents easily and in line with how your business operates.

Manage document security and track activity history of your content all while collaborating with team members and clients.

Features to Help You Organize Your Project Content

Version Tracking
Easily manage document revisions, identify changes and view previous versions of documents and files. Eliminate the need use filenames to track versions or accidentally saving documents over previous versions.
Document Management
Store and organize documents, files, images and more. Reduce the costs of local server storage with centralized storage and improve how your information is organized.
Audit History
Complete visibility to document views, downloads, edits and more. Clearly track changes and roll-back to previous versions as needed.

Optimize your storage and keep everything organized

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