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Finance and accounting that works the way you do.

Do you wish you could automate your back office?

Reduce administrative burdens, keep your staff happy and reduce the time it takes to collect receivables. EVX aligns with how you like to work, making it easy to track and manage time, expenses and invoices.

Automate your back office with customizable invoice templates, automatic workflows and connections to your accounting and finance software.

Features to Help You Improve Money Management

Project Estimates
Create accurate project estimates that are more informed by your previous work. Ditch the excel spreadsheet and improve the accuracy of your project estimates. Drive consistency among your project managers.
Automatically generate highly customized paper or electronic invoices easily. Create, edit, approve and manage your invoices in one-place. Our invoicing capabilities can be the game changing element in automating your back office.
Cost Management
Assign direct and indirect costs to internal and external resources that enable you to track costs at any level. Makes it easy to track profitability and cost in a variety of different ways.

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