Manage Your Clients & Projects

Improve productivity while increasing sales.

Do you wish you had a better understanding of what is happening with your clients and their projects? 

Establish, track and manage your sales process with a centralized contact management system that makes your team more efficient. EVX syncs with the way you work to help you win more proposals.

Connect your contacts with the company, projects and prospects they’re associated with for better visibility.

Features to Help You Understand Your Clients

Contact Management
Centralized storage of your contacts across your consulting firm. Makes it simple to keep your contacts up-to-date and organized.
Project Tracking
Track projects from start to finish through whatever phases, milestones, types and more. Get a clearer picture of which projects need your attention and focus.
Highly configurable dashboards that display the most critical information and metrics on your projects, your team and your business. Quickly and easily filter by any key element to understand what is happening in real-time.

Gain visibility and increase revenue

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