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Embracing Project Management in Scientific and Engineering Consulting Firms

Many technical consulting firms are reticent to adopt formal project management methodologies or tools, concerned they are more work than they're worth. Learn why that just isn't true and how they can benefit your technical consulting firm - and how to get started.

Natalia Martinez

5 Common Mistakes New Project Managers Should Avoid

New to project management in your engineering or scientific consulting firm? Learn about the most common mistakes new project managers make when taking on projects for the first time.

Conrado Vina

What is a KPI?

A key performance indicator (KPI) is an important management tool. They are unique to your business and a critical way to track to performance of just about anything. Learn more about KPIs and hw to use them.

Conrado Vina

Measuring Utilization in a Consulting Firm

Measuring utilization is a big challenge for any consulting firm. Learn more about a simple approach to measuring utilization to help improve how your productive your team can be.

Conrado Vina